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Welcome to PeaceOff! This is a multiplayer RPG browser-based game that mixes fantasy world and epic elements. Your journey begins on the land of Tetractys, the one and only continent of planet Froso, where you join one of the 3 local tribes. Once you're in the game, you will instantly receive a number of skill points, which will be shared among your 6 main attributes and your 3 special signs. Your attributes and signs can be upgraded based on your performance in the world of Tetractys and through skill points that you can acquire by a) completing a mission successfully, b) joining guilds and participating in tournaments and events and c) increasing your XP points.

The purpose of this game is to travel across the 30 realms of Tetractys and put an end to a global peace that forbids tribes from practicing the ancient tradition of fighting in the local arenas! In this wikia we give you useful information on how to plan your journey and make it fun and exciting, plus some good ideas on the best ways to achieve your final goal. Why are we helping? We cannot tell you but this: we too made the same journey a long time ago, and now we need YOU to lead the way and SUCCEED!

You can look in the game section for further instructions, smart tips and general recommendations, or visit the Appendix if you're really thirsty for knowledge! Our Index is also a useful tool in time of need.

March bravely through Tetractys, become a famous traveler and join our company to reveal more secrets of the game to future travellers! Good luck!

The Pathfinders


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